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Practice Exam Questions for Chapter 1 1. To be tourists, travelers may be: a. traveling for business purposes. b. traveling to set up a new business in another country. c. studying in a university for the freshman year. d. All of the above are tourists. 2. In 2006 the biggest number of total world tourist arrivals was experienced in: a. France, Italy, and Germany. b. Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States. c. France, Spain, and the United States. d. Japan, Germany, and Italy. e. Japan, United States, and Canada. 3. Many tourism analysts predict that globally by year 2020 tourism will:
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Unformatted text preview: a. double. b. triple. c. quadruple. d. likely stay about the same as in 2000. e. will decline. 4. The worlds largest industry is: a. mining. b. electronics and computers. c. automobiles. d. tourism. e. entertainment. 5. In tourism terminology: a. domestic tourism is internal tourism plus outbound tourism. b. national tourism is internal tourism plus outbound tourism. c. international tourism is inbound tourism plus outbound tourism. d. Both b and c are correct. e. all of the above are false....
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