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Practice_Exam - a double b triple c quadruple d likely stay...

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Practice Exam Questions for Chapter 1 1. To be tourists, travelers may be: a. traveling for business purposes. b. traveling to set up a new business in another country. c. studying in a university for the freshman year. d. All of the above are tourists. 2. In 2006 the biggest number of total world tourist arrivals was experienced in: 3. Many tourism analysts predict that globally by year 2020 tourism will:
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Unformatted text preview: a. double. b. triple. c. quadruple. d. likely stay about the same as in 2000. e. will decline. 4. The world’s largest industry is: a. mining. b. electronics and computers. c. automobiles. d. tourism. e. entertainment. 5. In tourism terminology: a. domestic tourism is internal tourism plus outbound tourism. b. national tourism is internal tourism plus outbound tourism. c. international tourism is inbound tourism plus outbound tourism. d. Both b and c are correct. e. all of the above are false....
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