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Practice Exam Questions for Chapter 2 1. If you were to make a trip somewhere in the world, where would you find the richest historical evidences of early travel? a. Mediterranean area b. India c. Middle East d. North America e. South America 2. Concerning travel during the era of the Roman Empire: a. Almost everybody traveled since travel was very economical. b. The roads were perfectly safe. c. Light weight carriages made possible travel of 100 miles a day. d. Most travelers were army personnel overseeing their empire. e. Romans were among the earliest patrons of seaside resorts. 3. Why did early English railroads enjoy a passenger surge? a. Rail travel was faster than stagecoach.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Trains had better schedules. c. Passenger service was very reliable and safe. d. Fares were inexpensive. e. All of the above. 4. The earliest known tourist attraction(s) were/was the: a. Olympics Games b. sphinx c. three great pyramids at Giza d. b and c e. all of the above 5. In the United States the first scheduled international air travel was by: a. Pan American World Airlines b. Varney Airlines c. Allegheny Airlines d. Western Airlines e. American Airlines 6. The earliest transient guest rooms were: a. caravansaries b. inns on caravan routes c. parts of private dwellings d. churches and monasteries (hospices) e. ordinaries...
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