romanization and the roman empire

romanization and the roman empire - History 210 John...

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History 210 John Stegeman Romanization and the Roman Empire An empire is usually stronger when its subjects can you unite under similar cultural issues. When Rome was first being founded around 753 B.C., there was no set attribute that defined Rome and made it unique. Through time, Rome was able to establish a set culture and beliefs that lead to Romanization. Romanization is considered to be the process where the people who occupied the Roman Territories in Western Europe adopted the language and customs of the Romans. Romanization is what helped make Rome and stronger country. One aspect of Romanization was people following Roman law. “It’s generally held that Roman law, because of its lasting influence on Western Civilizations, is the greatest achievement of the Romans” 1 . The Twelve Tables was the first official law code in ancient Rome. They were created in about 450 BC and, “It was considered by the Romans to be the source of all law, private and public, governing such matters as the rights and duties of families, forms of marriage, inheritance, the definition of some crimes and their punishments, and the right of appeal.” 2 By having Rome create The Twelve Tables, they helped unite the nation of Rome. There was now a set code that had been established for the people of Rome to follow. One law 1 Cicero, “The Laws,” De Legibus I in HST 210 Then Ancient World Xerox p. 102 2 Nagle, “The Twelve Tables,” The Roman World , in The Ancient World; A Social and Cultural History , (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall., 2006, 6 th ed.), p. 249
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that was established was, “A dreadfully deformed child shall be quickly killed.” 3 Even though people may or may not agree with this law, it sets a standard for society that everyone in Rome must assimilate too. By having people unite under these laws it helps unite them in one culture and promote Romanization. Another aspect of Roman culture that helped encourage Romanization was the
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romanization and the roman empire - History 210 John...

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