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Practice Exam Questions for Chapter 9 1. Repeat business is best assured when: a. consumer expectations are met or exceeded. b. tourism product prices are substantially lowered. c. word-of-mouth advertising is positive. d. a and b. e. a and c. 2. The main sources of ideas for formulating questions on pleasure travel motivation come from: a. reports found in the Journal of Travel Research. b. historical and literary accounts of travel. c. the discipline of psychology. d. current practices of tourist industry researchers. e. b, c, and d. 3. Today’s researchers surveying travelers often try to pinpoint motivation:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Such surveys are actually of little value. b. Often these are to identify the rewards expected from travel. c. There is an indirect link between satisfaction and motives. d. usually employ 12 benefit statements. e. all of the above. 4. List of items relevant to why people travel are often used but these: a. have only a few limitations. b. are seldom selective. c. sometimes are mixed with destination attributes. d. are usually comprehensive. e. a and d....
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  • Practice exam questions, Journal of Travel Research., c. word-of-mouth advertising, pleasure travel motivation, a. consumer expectations

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