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Quiz One Study Guide - HTM 2454 The following is a general guide that will provide some direction and guidance in your studying for Quiz One chapters 1-4. Please contact me if you have any questions, or if any of these categories are unclear to you (via the Discussion Board of course)! Know these organizations: AAA TIA WTTC WTO TTRA FAA ATA ABA Tourism Industries/OTTI VATC (organization and its website) CVB Chapter 1: Tourism in Perspective The definition of tourism TSA’s – what are they? Tourist arrivals World regional tourism trends (job growth, international arrivals, tourism earners, etc) Types of approaches to the study of tourism Size of the US tourism industry, arrivals, etc. (TIA.org’s tourism statistics, e.g. domestic
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Unformatted text preview: person-trips) World tourist arrivals Traveler Spending / Number of Tourists in VA (see tia.org – search “state rankings”) Chapter 2: History of Tourism Contributions from each of the major civilizations touched on in the book Famous early women travel writers Thomas Cook Chapter 3: Careers in Tourism Types of jobs and job skill requirements in various sectors of tourism WTTC job forecast statistics/rationale for why tourism is important to the economy (job creation, etc.) The Importance of Internships Chapter 4: Tourism Organizations Components of a tourist promotional organization (who is involved?) See organizations above...
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