Making of a URI Musical

Making of a URI Musical - crew was something admirable and...

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Theatre 108 Michael LaPointe Michael Curran Whilst watching Michael LaPointe’s informative documentary on the making of a URI musical I feel as though it helped me understand the transition between high school and theatre and college theatre much more than I’d anticipated. Perhaps the first thing that struck as me as different was the lengthy audition process which instead of spanning a handful of eager youths almost guaranteed a cast role, spanned a hall full of nervous hopefuls vying for a sparse amount of roles. The concept of building another body type and immersing yourself that completely in the hopes of becoming a lead character was something I hadn’t imagined that people really went to length to do. More so than anything though, the passion put into the theatre by the cast and
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Unformatted text preview: crew was something admirable and new to me. Its hard to comprehend a production spanning one thousand plus hours work before a show has even been staged once, though right in front of us were people breaking bones and putting in close to one hundred hours just to get one facet of their production in order. Whilst the video itself didnt teach me any new terms or concepts (besides a legitimate reason why somebody may be purchasing thirty condoms) it did help to bolster whatever passion I may have lost during my transition to college, and helped me to prepare for what was to come should I choose to make acting something to pursue for myself during my stay at the University of Rhode Island....
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