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Michael Curran Psychology 113 : Introduction to Psychology Personality Paper : What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Hailed as one of the greatest performances by Leonardo Di Caprio, this movie from 1993 also presented a stellar role for an up-and-coming Johnny Depp who starred as Gilbert Grape. Gilbert holds the weight of his family on his shoulders, and it is a large weight to carry. His obese mother suffers from intense paranoia and refuses to leave her home in fear of ridicule, whilst his mentally retarded brother, Arnie, needs constant attention. Aside from the strains this places on personal relations, Gilbert has to juggle jobs, various sexual encounters, and his own personal desire for freedom. It’s impossible to answer the question posed by the title within the constraints of the movie but through various psychological methods and personality approaches it is possible to glimpse into the mind of Gilbert and see why he acts the way that he does. Carl Rogers’ “Humanistic Approach” states that people raised feeling valued as parents,
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Personality paper - Michael Curran Psychology 113...

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