Constellations In Night Sky

Constellations In Night Sky - moved at all This was...

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Astronomy 108 Section 1 Lab #2 Michael Curran At 7:10pm on Wednesday January 30 th I started making my astrological observations for this lab. Polaris was quite easy to find, hanging over a group of small bushes and assorted trees that were directly in my line of sight. Using my star map and the instructions provided I searched the northwestern sky for Cassiopeia, which I found tilted into an “M” position high in the sky, also hanging over the assorted small bushes. Again using my instructions I traced a line through the two constellations I had found, and came to the handle of the Big Dipper low in the eastern sky. The handle started at the right-most edge of the assorted trees and the constellation ended higher in the sky above a small house to the east. After making these initial observations, I left my location and returned four hours later at approximately 11:10pm on the same night. Finding Polaris was easy as it had not
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Unformatted text preview: moved at all. This was expected, considering our axis points directly at it, and thus it will always appear stationary. Finding Cassiopeia again proved a little more interesting as it had shifted to the west and also appeared lower in the sky (it was now almost in line with Polaris), now hovering over a group of trees outside a house to my west. The Big Dipper also seemed to have moved from it’s initial location, now appearing higher in the sky (with the handle almost in line with both Polaris and Cassiopeia) and with the two pointer stars of the bowl now pointing towards Cassiopeia in addition to Polaris. It had come to rest hanging over a house to my east. Based upon these observations conducted four hours apart, I can conclude that the constellations in the night sky appear to be moving in an east to west direction fixed about the North Celestial Pole (and thusly, fixed about Polaris)....
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Constellations In Night Sky - moved at all This was...

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