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final paper corrections - completely reorganized, we...

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HOD 1200 Final Report Corrections: Changed APA headings P. 2: Added to Abstract P. 3: Added information from p. 23 in draft P. 8: Added to paragraph and next moved to other section on p. 23 P. 12: Expanded on “court-ordered” volunteers (p. 12 in draft) P. 14: Added another organizational strength P. 16, 18: Added explanation of manager and employee skills and knowledge p. 20: p. 22: expanded on HR challenge with outside resource P. 22: Restructured the “Application of Frames…” section; this section has been
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Unformatted text preview: completely reorganized, we recommend rereading this entire section for critique p. 28: Elaborated on conflict avoidance p. 29: Added references P. 42: Explained Theory Y manager p. 43-48: Added in previously missing section Melissas Individual Work Bibliography note: I looked up The Animals Agenda on the E-Journal locator on the library site and it came up so Im pretty sure this source is a journal and not a magazine...
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