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Observation of Halo 3 Phenomenon

Observation of Halo 3 Phenomenon - Jonathan Gebara English...

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Jonathan Gebara English 105 Maranto Observation Revision Observation of Madden 2008 Phenomenon I’ve been an avid video gamer myself, so as the release date of Madden 2008 loomed over me I was overwhelmed with anticipation . I couldn’t wait to play it so I could fine-tune my skills and be ready to hold my own in the countless games that would await me . Before I left for college plenty of my friends would have the Madden conversation, wondering how incredible it would be and what more could they possibly add to an already “perfect” game . The multiplayer was flawless, the new roster update feature made each game accurate as new signings or trades would be reflected in the game, the single player already had an excellent soundtrack and gameplay . When I first got to Miami the Madden conversations sounded eerily familiar but we were doing more than conversing as the game dropped August 14 and we arrived on August 16 . Perfect timing . As the days went by my roommate and I, both avid Madden gamers, discovered the Madden Heavyweights as well as the lightweights . Basically all of the heavyweights (myself, my roommate Lou, Cohen, and Bob) have played countless games against each other and everyone has beaten everyone and lost to everyone so we are all about on the same level give or take . I mean if one of us were to bust out the Patriots, Chargers, or Colts they would probably win seeing as how they are the best teams in the game by far . As a common courtesy we generally stay away from those teams and just duel using the other 29 . The most entertaining game is between Lou versus Cohen so for that purpose that is the matchup we will observe . The actual battle itself starts way before the actual game takes place when the challenger(Cohen) will go up to somebody(Lou) and talk some shit about the person you know to get them riled up and wanting to play Madden . This strategy works about 98% of the time yes there is the occasional time where dare I say it the opponent has a massive homework assignment he needs to do and he doesn’t have the time to play . Barring a circumstance such as that the two combatants proceed to pick up the controllers and go to battle .
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