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Week 6. Peer-to-peer networks and new economics of cultural production Readings Lessig, L. (2008)  Remix: Making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy . NY: The  Penguin Press. Introduction, Chapters 1-4 (1-83) Key concepts Information as a public good Amateur culture Consumer culture Copyrights Digital Rights Management systems Read Only (RO) culture Read/Write (RW) culture Creative Commons Licensing System Social media Folksonomy Questions: 1. Define copyrights. What is the function of copyright law? According to Lessig, what distortions currently exist in the U.S. intellectual property regime?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. According to Lessig, what is the value of amateur culture? 3. What is the read-only culture and how is it the result of commercialization of communication and culture? Provide examples. 4. What is the read/write culture? Provide examples. According to Lessig, what are the conditions that foster the expansion of RW cultures online? 5. What were the “copyright wars”? How did they redefine the music market? 6. How do Creative Commons licensing systems balance existing tensions in the markets of digital services and products?...
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