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Sheet1 Page 1 Close this window <javascript:closeWindow() Message *Subject:* February 5th class notes *Topic:* Weekly notes *Author:* Angela Osis <Javascript:setGlobalParametersFordiscussionMemberMenuForNonGradeableTopics('discussionMemberMenuForNonGrade a -1', '53980936041', '-1') showmenu('discussionMemberMenuForNonGradeableTopics-2672468438378302627', 'discussionMemberMenuForNonGrad e PeopleLink Options for this User <Javascript:setGlobalParametersFordiscussionMemberMenuForNonGradeableTopics('discussionMemberMenuForNonGrade a -1', '53980936041', '-1') showmenu('discussionMemberMenuForNonGradeableTopics-2672468438378302627', 'discussionMemberMenuForNonGrad e **Date:** February 5, 2009 3:43 PM *Class Announcements* Mini papers, graded but not counting toward final grade. Do the reading be prepared to contribute. At least ONE idea from readings. Doubts and questions welcome. Do’s and Don’ts: Write complete sentences. Separate paragraphs. Rubric: 1 pt for signing your name. 2-3 pts incomplete answer reflecting partial argument of reading. 4 pts provides answer but it is poorly expressed. 5. Well articulated, clear answer. Online Cultures and the Internet: From Techno Romanticism to the Dot.Com Economy Information Technologies and society • Technological determinism v cultural determinism • Media technologies > < and society Markets as shapers of technology • Creating social “needs”. For example, marketing creating the need for the iPhone. • Delaying adoption of innovation. RCA delaying the onset of TV
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This note was uploaded on 04/15/2009 for the course COMM 397M taught by Professor Fuentes during the Spring '08 term at UMass (Amherst).

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