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Lecture notes 2/5: Techno Romanticism to the Dot.com Economy Mosaic – early application, revolutionary because it was mostly images while the web was formerly text based Wired - magazine about “hip/cool” and new technologies Technological Determinism media technology society Cultural Determinism Markets as Shaper of Technology Markets interplay with technology They work in two ways: Create social “needs” o Create need for /use of different apps o Target generations and build package that is needed (Example: Iphone) Delaying adoption of innovation o RCA delayed entrance of TV because govt gave license to radio networks, monopoly of patents, able to hold whole process back US media system has mostly developed as a commercial enterprise (private commercial enterprise) Capitalism as dominant ideology provides a “rationality” for technological innovation through markets But what are “markets”? A place to exchange goods and services, interacting/exchange of
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Lecture%20notes%202%20Comm%20397 - Lecture notes 2/5:...

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