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New Media Technology and Social Change Notes for 3/24/09 Grace Hailer -Exams were not given back in class today; grades will be posted on Spark Wednesday March 25 and will be reviewed in class Thursday. Remix Discussion- Read/Write Culture: you can consume but can also reproduce the media Read Only Culture: iTunes, you can only purchase (only consume), solely based on consumption Video clip: Obama Poster debate- David Ross and Ed Colbert. 2009/obama-poster-debate---david-ross-and-ed-colbert Web 2.0 and Changes in Cultural Production- From Sharing to Hybrid Economies: Can everybody be a producer…? RO vs. RW Cultures -Access vs. Control in the production distribution and consumption of culture. -Ability to “remix”= ability to participate in the creation and participation of culture. -Amateur production allows us to express our voice and to learn, and we are adding value to preexisting culture -Creative cultures of people are able to generate economic value to the creation of film, songs, etc. Creative Commons- a form of copyright where the author gets to decide how it can be
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New%20Media%20Technology%20and%20Social%20Change - New...

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