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NewMedia%26SocialChange.2.10.09 - way alienated residents...

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New Media and Social Change 2.10.09 The Diffusion of Innovation: The Power of Social Networks Diffusion of Innovation (Everett Rogers) “Communication for Social Change” Case Study from reading: “water boiling” in Los Molinos, Peru What is an “innovation”? What “innovation” was introduced in Los Molinos In this case study, what is understood as “social change”? Who adopted the innovation and who did not? Why did the diffusion of this particular innovation fail? Can you think of other solutions to the problems faced by the residents of Los Molinos? How to be a professional “change agent”? Innovations; major change in thinking or behavior Boiling water; addressing poor health conditions Local health worker sponsored by government Social change; boiling water, changing a practice Adopted; sick, outsiders Not adopted; middle and lower class Failed; change agent didn’t understand hot/cold superstition Fail; used technology terms to explain germs, information not communicated in an accessible/ meaningful
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Unformatted text preview: way, alienated residents of Los Molinos Didn’t reach out to opinion leader, wrong access point Other solutions; deeper problem of infrastructure, or filtration system, nobody willing to finance filtration system Boiling water is not the real solution What is the problem? How effective can you actually be with an information campaign Government’s strategy fails Diffusion is a process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels (media and interpersonal channels) over time among members of a community of a social system Technology is a physical object and the practice of using it What is communication in the context of Los Molinos? Communication is about persuasion Diffusion process; innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards How is our understanding of innovation formed? What factors effect our understanding?...
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