Notes%20for%203%3a26 - Characteristics of Sharing...

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Characteristics of Sharing Economies: Driven by motivation! (non-profit) Emotional and social rewards (recognition, friendship, social capital) Sense of “Community” among those who “can” participate Power by social exchanges and communication Supported by online architectures that enable “open access” Online Commercial Economies: Proprietary base, driven by for-profit mode Power by architectures of control and digital surveillance (“Little Brother”) Digital Rights Management Systems Cookies, web-crawlers Geo-targeting and metadata analysis Economics of web 2.0 Long Tail rules! Businesses sell a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities. Businesses rely on their DISTRIBUTION POWER. Economies of scale are dead. Micro-targeting of audiences demands use of more digital surveillance. Examples: Amazon, Netflix, iTunes Files sharing Generation 1: Napster: sharing music! Users wanting to swap music
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Notes%20for%203%3a26 - Characteristics of Sharing...

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