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February 26, 2009 Media Technologies as System of Power: Regulation and New Media Environments (II) *Assignment 2 is pushed back until Thursday Wikipedia posting can be deleted or changed so wait about 24 hours to make sure it stays up Not something that can be done in a day Can’t post a picture until a certain number of entries Easier to do something about hometown/high school For certain people their pages are locked—think about what that means. Who locks it? Why? Make sure to have a print out of the entry and your Wikipedia name Assignment 1 grades are on Spark Group Work—come up with main point of reading and a question you have What are codes and coding? What are the layers? Connection between the Internet/Cyberspace and the Commons? Architecture of Internet? How the tragedy of the commons is online? (Industry generated) What is the tragedy of the commons? Media technology as System of Power Media technology does not exist “naturally” o Tech is the result of “choices” of social groups engaged in the design, production, distribution, and consumption of new media There are many possible trajectories and outcomes for the development and use of a given media technology but one will prevail o Preferred uses will reflect the power of dominant groups o Internet going to commercialization o Industry and gov’t forced broadcasting o Always other possibilities
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notes%202-25-09 - Media Technologies as System of Power...

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