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-1Joey Lam Notes for 2/19/09 (Radio) Technology as a Social System: From Broadcasting to Podcasting -Some news: Facebook went back to the old user agreement. “Decision is for the time being” -American Broadcasters Association reached an agreement with music labels on internet music, royalty rates and lowering these rates -More podcasting will be available -Take a look at the PEW website. Who’s using podcast? -In the history of radio, the aspiration of being able to talk to the world has been with us for long -At the turn of the century, people were into wireless telegraphy, communication, and connecting. Youtube video clip on the history of radio -Radio marketed as a point to point communicaton -White middle class males used radio in its early years. -WWI. Restricted radio to wartime communication -Westinghouse started selling products on radios. Soon, many big companies started doing the same. Sales skyrockted -1928. More than 1/3 of American homes had radio. -The Radio Act was created because of too much clutter of radio waves. These waves were not
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