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week3 - practices 2 According to Rogers what are the key...

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Week 3 Readings Rogers, E. M. (1995)  Diffusion of Innovation . (Fourth Edition). NY, NT: The Free Press.  1-7; 35-37; 240-251. Pew Internet Report “Home Broadband 2008: Adoption Stalls for low-income  Americans”  http://www.pewinternet.org/PPF/r/257/report_display.asp   What kind of Internet user are you?  http://www.pewinternet.org/quiz/quiz.asp Key concepts Diffusion of innovation (DOI) Re-invention Critical mass Innovation decision process Innovator Early adopter Early majority Late majority Laggards Rate of adoption Relative advantage Complexity Observability Trialavility Questions: 1. In Rogers’ studies of the “water boiling” in a small town in Peru, why people didn’t not adopt the new practice of boiling water before use it for human consumption? Who are the agents or organizations supporting this campaign? What lessons did se get from this experience about the way because acquire new technical expertise and social
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Unformatted text preview: practices? 2. According to Rogers, what are the key features of the process of diffusion and adoption of innovations? What is the role of mass media in this process? 3.In his view, what is “Social Change”? What social dynamics are not consider in his conceptualization of social change? 4. What are the main assumptions of diffusion of innovation theory about the nature of the process of communication? What is its importance for the process of technological change? 6. Explain the concepts of relative advantage, complexity, observability and trialavility through the case of the adoption of cell phones or video games in the U.S. as explained by Rogers. 7. According to national survey data the Pew Internet & American Life Project, what are the current trends in the diffusion of high speed Internet services in the U.S. Discuss at least three (3) of them....
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  • Fuentes
  • Innovation decision process, Pew Internet Report, Relative advantage Complexity, Innovator Early adopter

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week3 - practices 2 According to Rogers what are the key...

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