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Week 4 Readings - Dutton, W. (1999) Society on the Line: Information Politics in the Digital Age. Pp. 1-18. In W. Dutton. Society on the Line: Information Politics in the Digital Age. Oxford University Press. - Cook, J. (2007) The Contrary “Pulls” of Digital Media: radio Listener networks in the Era of Mobile Communication Media. In Nightingale and Dwyer, New Media Worlds. Oxford University Press. - What is podcasting? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcasting Key concepts Social Shaping of Technology (SST) Social choices Technological design Technological application Digitization Asynchronous flows Podcasting Questions: 1. Identify and discuss the main propositions of the Social Shaping of Technology perspective (SST). Base your answer on the Dutton’s article. 2. According to Dutton, what are the main factors affecting social and technical choices in the design, adoption, use and consumption of information and communication technologies
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Unformatted text preview: (ICTs)? Briefly explain each of them. 3. Compare and contrast the main propositions of diffusion of innovation theory (DOI) and the social shaping of technology (SST) perspective in terms of: a. Main focus or question addressed b. Conception or definition of “technology” or “innovation” c. Main factors intervening in the process of innovation and adoption of technology d. Outcomes of the process of adoption and use of new technologies 4. According to Cook, how “communication necessities” of radio technologies have changed? What factors have shaped the development on radio technologies? 5. Is podcasting a technological response to “audience” necessities or “industry” necessities? 6. According to Cook, why the future of radio is uncertain? What are the tensions expressed in the history of the trajectory of radio as a medium?...
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