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1 1. Social expectations create a looking glass into which we are invited to gaze while establishing a sexual identity. (Wendy Chapkis) 2. I don't think that we are whole subjects or whole identities or have a pre-formed experience outside of the process in which the different ways and forms in which that is represented. I think we know ourselves when we see ourselves represented. Representation identity is in a sense a kind of recognition -- we recognize our evolving ourselves biographically in the stories we tell about ourselves -- the self is a kind of endless set of narratives -- and I think
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Unformatted text preview: that is true about experience too. So I take representation to be a very active powerful social cultural process. (Stuart Hall) 3. I don't act this way to change the world. I act this way so the goddamn world won't change me". 4. "Try and imagine the world the other way around. Imagine that every book, every magazine, every newspaper, every TV show, every movie, was telling you 'you should be homosexual'. You know you're not." 5. In a crossover of imagery in the 1980s, the conventions of high-class photography, such as Playboy's, began to be used generally to sell products to women. (Naomi Wolf)...
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