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OF PUBLIC RELATIONS 1. “The 20 th century has been characterized by three developments of great importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy” – Alex Carey 2. Period between end of the Civil War and first decade of 20 th C was a period of profound confusion and turmoil – from a highly regionalized, pre-industrial nation in which a relatively disparate middle class (comprised of merchants, professionals, artisans, and small landowners) set the social, economic and cultural pattern of life, American was becoming a society driven by an expanding industrial behemoth. A small number of powerful, disdainfully arrogant men were dictating the social circumstances and life rhythms of countless people throughout the USA. (Ewen) 3. “See, we are just like Rome. Our legislatures are corrupt; our politicians are unprincipled; our rich men are ambitious and unscrupulous. Our newspapers have been purchased and gagged; our colleges have been bribed; our churches have been cowed. Our masses are sinking into degradation and misery; our ruling classes are becoming wanton and cynical.” (Upton Sinclair) 4. Lippmann saw the growing whirl of accusation as a collective psychological malady, a dangerous condition of paranoia, that unless checked, posed a greater danger to society than the excesses of wealth -- in urban slums and industrial precincts, Lippmann observed, the aliens were growing restless… President Theodore Roosevelt, saw the public fury engendered by unregulated corporations as carrying America towards the brink of chaos -- if blind arrogance among corporate leaders needed to be thwarted so too did the flames
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