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1 Battling for the “American Way” 1935-1960 1. The dramatic economic collapse after 1929, with its devastating unemployment, disastrous drop in wages, and failure of banking and financial systems, shook many Americans’ faith in the values of the business community and in corporate leadership (Fones-Wolf) 2. The New Deal failed to produce the comprehensive welfare state envisioned by many workers. Nevertheless, the state grew to a degree unprecedented in peacetime and impinged in new and powerful ways on business autonomy. Indeed, the New Deal represented a turning point in the development of governmental control of the economy. (Fones- Wolf) 3. Among the central goals on labor’s agenda were full employment, economic planning, and a fuller articulation of the welfare state through an expansion of Social Security and unemployment insurance, and the development of a national health program. (Fones-Wolf) 4. Rather than addressing members of the public as individual customers, businesses were now facing consumers en masse, organized as political- economic bodies. (Ewen) 5. A Fortune magazine editorialized that the corporate sector needed to persuade people that “Business is not just a phenomenon on the surface of American life: that it is American life, that it is to the people
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lecturehandouts13 - 1 Battling for the American Way...

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