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412K Ch1 Quizzes for review - 412K Quiz 4 (G1 & 2)...

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Unformatted text preview: 412K Quiz 4 (G1 & 2) Folder Color 1. Using the appropriate grammatical structure, make a suggestion in response to the following statement. (2) 2. 3. Suppose today is New Year's Day, and you have made a New Year's resolution. Write what you have decided to do, using the appropriate grammatical structure. (2) Express a habit or routine activity; that is, I have decided (do something) and I am doing it. (2) 412K Quiz I. (G3&4) Folder Color _________ (1x3=3) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb phrases. 1. 2. 3. II. Complete the sentences by translating the given English phrases. (1.5x2=3) 1. (If you go straight ahead) 2. (If you turn right) 412K I. (G5 &6) Folder Color /6 Change the following verbs to the direct/blunt command or negative command forms. (0.75x4=3) e.g. -------> -------> 1. 3. --> (Eat!) --> (Study!) (Look!) (Don't look!) 2. 4. --> (Don't talk!) --> (Don't sleep!) II. Imagine that you are an English teacher in Japan. Write down what you would say in the following situation using the polite command form ( form) ( One child is not doing anything. You want him to read a book. III. Imagine that you are a parent. By using the structure that expresses the prohibition/ admonishment ("...must not do..."), advise your daughter that the following action is forbidden. (1.5) 412K I. (G7&8) Class Color_________ /6 Fill in the blanks with the adverbial forms of the adjectives given in parentheses.. (0.5x4=2) 1. 2. 3. 4. _________ _________ _________ _________ II. Complete the following sentences using the construction that expresses obligation do...") 1. (2x2=4) ("... must ...
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