7-5 - cultures-Looks at misleading ques in terms of way one...

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COGN 20 7/5/07 Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: (a.k.a linguistic determinism) the language we use to some extent determines the way in which we view, think about, and behave in the world around us. Thought is influenced by our language, it shapes our ideas. Language, in turn, is shaped by the historical experience of the group. -formulated by two anthropologists. You can tell what’s important to a certain culture by the amount of words they have for a certain thing. (ex. money, sex) Regionalism: words that are particular to a certain region LURIE Grammar: set of rules for the use of language (use of clothing in language) -She equates clothing with written and spoken language. -Clothing, accessories, hair style, bodily artifacts say more about us than spoken language. -Non-verbal ques are more important than verbal ques. -To choose clothes is to establish and define our identity -Clothes say a lot about our culture -All reasons are why clothing is a language imbued with specific meanings that communicate messages about who we are as individuals, groups/sub groups of different
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Unformatted text preview: cultures.-Looks at misleading ques in terms of way one dress. GOODWIN Rodney King Incident-focus of action on Rodney King instead of cops-morality was irrelevant; lawyers had to push idea that cops THOUGHT King presented harm. HOW? -Coding schemes, Highlighting and Graphic representation Perception-way one interprets or organizes information to get meaningful view of world-vision is never objective it’s always perspectable, based on individual. Interpretation based on not mental processes but on larger societal factors. Larger societal factors:-mass media-individual or group experiences-culture First tool used to organize perception:-coding schemes: used to create categories that organize information about world. Police procedure experts -Highlighting: figure and ground. Figure is important part, ground is irrelevant part. -Graphic perception: compliments spoken language using visual character in ways-can’t present visually info that mere words can’t convey....
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7-5 - cultures-Looks at misleading ques in terms of way one...

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