22 January - o Subject to modification o Data-driven...

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Communication and the Creation of Theory Theory o A general principle that has become accepted by the masses as a way of explaining or predicting certain laws, behaviors, facts, events, or phenomena o Beliefs that guide human behavior o Allow us to better understand the world o Theories are able to Explain phenomenon Describe phenomenon What about our actions says, “hey, this is my first party” Predict phenomenon Control phenomenon Native Theories vs. Scholarly Theories Native Theory o Develop normally through experience o Private and unique o Usually stable Scholarly theory o Based on systematic observation o Often times questioned o Usually public – accepted by masses
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Unformatted text preview: o Subject to modification o Data-driven Reliability vs. Validity • Reliability – if you do this experiment again, how likely are you to get the same results • Validity – is it truly explaining what my theory claims to explain What is the point of studying Communication? • Attempt to make personal theories more scholarly o Moving from intuition to knowledge • Attempt to study different points of view o Source, Receiver, Message, Channel, Feedback, Environment Communication paralysis – we pay attention to source and message but the source was not cognitive of his audience...
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22 January - o Subject to modification o Data-driven...

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