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412L_Add'lVoc_Ch5 - Chapter 5 Vocabulary Information This...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5: Vocabulary Information This section contains the following information: a) additional vocabulary items introduced and used in the course (indicated with "*"), b) additional vocabulary information such as frequently used phrases c) excluded vocabulary items that are in the textbook vocabulary lists but not introduced in this course. (in the light-blue boxes) * Therefore the items in the white areas are ones to remember (additionally). the items in the light-blue boxes are the ones that you do not have to remember. p. 240-1 Life --Additional information : particles- p. 250-251 Occupations (1) Excluded items a child is born to educate (a child) to enter (high school) to graduate from (high school) to get a job at (SONY) to retire from (SONY) to propose to (my girlfriend) to get engaged to (my boyfriend) to get married to (Hanako) to get divorced from (my wife) to love (my son) p.251-252 Occupations (2) Only the following words are INCLUDED (all other items are excluded) professor police man artist accountant translator athlete house wife politician firefighter interpreter author 1 Additional items * president of a country computer programmer nurse (male and female; to only female nurses) refers Review items / / doctor driver carpenter stewardess/steward/cabin attendant pilot p. 286 Chapter 5 Vocabulary List (Life): Correction to get a job (NOT to look for a job) 2 ...
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