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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: Vocabulary Information This section contains the following information: a) additional vocabulary items introduced and used in the course (indicated with "*"), b) additional vocabulary information such as frequently used phrases c) excluded vocabulary items that are in the textbook vocabulary lists but not introduced in this course. (in the light-blue boxes) * Therefore the items in the white areas are ones to remember (additionally). the items in the light-blue boxes are the ones that you do not have to remember. p. 290 & 292 Telecommunications --Additional items-* * * * Excluded items area code pay phone to answer the phone long phone call p.292 Vocabulary Library Only the following words are INCLUDED (all other items are excluded) to pick up the receiver to call back cellular phone to connect to the internet p. 303 Mail and Postal Service --Additional items-* * SAL New Year's card SAL is a system for sending parcels abroad that is faster than sea mail but cheaper than airmail. ( ) 1 p.315-6 Mass Communication (1) Excluded items p.323-324 Mass Communication (2) Only the following word is INCLUDED (all other items are excluded) to convey information, to report English-language newspaper 2 ...
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