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CH13 IMQ - satisfaction of wants for pleasure He had no...

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Name: Tsui Wing Dung UID: 2006292497  Tutor’s name: Ng Ka Wai  Tutorial timeslot: Tue 4:00 – 4:50pm (Group A) Kira used Death Note to kill people by writing their names in the book. He  killed many people and came to a psychological doctor, concluding that Kira  showed persistent disregard for others’ rights and sought immediate 
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Unformatted text preview: satisfaction of wants for pleasure. He had no remorse about what he did and not care how others think. Kira suffers from: a) Tourette’s disorder b) Bipolar disorder c) Seasonal affective disorder d) Borderline personality disorder e) Antisocial personality disorder Answer: e)...
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