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KP100 Study Sheet Propellers 4 different kinds of resistance: Skin Friction: Dependent of the roughness of hull Wave Making: The bigger the wave the more area of the ship is needed to force ship through water. Bulbous bow is preferred cause it lowers the wave. Eddy : When water comes together at the stern and builds up Air: Least of the problems Slip ratio : the difference between the actual velocities at which a vessel moves compared with the theoretical velocity it should move at based on the pitch of the propeller. If you get a negative slip ration when you get a value from the equation it’s good, it means more slip out of propeller. 0 means no winds. 6 different classifications of propellers: Solid, built up, constant pitch, variable pitch, fixed pitch and controllable pitch Controllable Pitch: Propellers are not in a certain position so it can optimize pitch. Caivation = noise and erosion = BAD!!! Bearings: 2 kinds of bearings: sliding (surface to surface they are constantly together) and rolling (surface contact area changes) Axial - limits motion, parallel to axis of rotation Radial - limits motions, perpendicular to axis of rotation Angular - combination of the two
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Reduction gears: To go from high rpm’s to low rpm’s and high torques Double reduction gears: -helical to get more even transfer and smooth transition of power -two gears with two pinions (high and low) Aroculated Gears: Refers to the use of a flexible coupling to mechanically connect the first reduction gear to the low speed pinion. Lubrication (is the key!):
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KP100 Study Sheet - KP100 Study Sheet Propellers 4...

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