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Tuesday 10/18/2016 Announcements Discussion on Design - Tooth Aligner/Retainer Invisalign Review, Design & Development Schedule Today Lecture 9. Additive manufacturing in medical and aerospace applications In-Class Assignment (ICA - 2) Thursday 10/20 Design & Development Group 2 – 3D Printer In-Class Practice Exercise (ICA - 3) 1
2 Applications for Additive Manufacture Additive manufacturing is coming into its third decade of commercial technological development. During that period, we have experienced a number of significant changes that has led to (i ) improvements in accuracy, better mechanical properties, (ii) a broader range of applications, and (iii) reductions in costs of machines and the parts made by them. In this chapter we explore the evolution of the field and how these developments have impacted a variety of applications over time. We note also that different applications benefit from different aspects of AM, highlighting the versatility of this technology.