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mini13 - the groliild fi.amc>(I Usc tlic Lor~ritz...

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Physics 15a Mini-Exam Lecture #13 Name: TF: .A train nit11 piopc3r lengtl~ L rriovvs to tlie right at sped u. 111 the ground framr~, tnro pai~itballs siliiultar~eouslv hit the‘ f'lont and back of' tlie train. (a) 1l;hiit iil~: -I:,: i111(1 At ill
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Unformatted text preview: the groliild fi.amc>'? (I)) Usc tlic Lor~ritz t~aiisf'orillalio~~s to fiiicl -I.rl aii(1 -It1 in tlie trail1 frarii~ ( 1 ) ~ caivful with the sigii). ((.) -Argue wl-iy your answers rrial<t> svllsv Feedback: Lectures are too fast about right too slow...
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