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Unformatted text preview: G25 Expressing how someone or something appears to the speaker (conjecture/guess based on what the speaker sees or feels): 1. Directly observable things or actions. 2. Not used with adjectives that are always visual (colors/shapes). 3. nouns/pronouns cannot be used in front of . (except in a negative sentence) is used instead. -Adj. (dict. form) -Adj. (drop ) + It seems ..., It looks ..., ---> --> --> !" --> #$%& +" --> !,- '()* ...... Verb (drop ) + looks as if it is about to ... (action/happening) --> --> to lose = to win = Negative form Noun 1. Noun + + (correction p. 202 25.2) -adj 1. Root + 2. Root + + -adj 1. Root + 2. Root of the Neg form + Conjunctive form + (correction) Noun Verb -Adj doesn`t look... looks not... -adj Verb That guest doesn't look as if he's about to leave. Adverbial form: in a manner that looks as if ... ...
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