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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4: Additional Vocabulary List This section contains the following information: a) additional vocabulary items introduced and used in the course (indicated with "*"), b) additional vocabulary information such as frequently used phrases c) excluded vocabulary items that are in the textbook vocabulary lists but not introduced in this course. (in the light-blue boxes) * Therefore the items in the white areas are ones to remember (additionally). the items in the light-blue boxes are the ones that you do not have to remember. p. 195 Useful Vocabulary: Shape --Additional information- circle rectangle, square triangle diamond-shape heart shape has a round shape has a rectangular/square shape has a triangular shape has a diamond shape has a heart shape p. 207-8 Sickness and Injuries (1) --Additional items-* have an appetite * have no appetite p. 210 Sickness and Injuries (2) Excluded items: p. 232-3 Expressing Your Symptoms Only the following three words are INCLUDED (all other items are excluded): to feel out of sorts to have a runny nose to have chills ...
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