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rome vs us - Nathan Wong The United States of America is...

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Nathan Wong The United States of America is known as the country with highest standard of living in the world. Individuals own cars, houses, pets and have health care. In the first century AD Rome was quickly becoming one the largest and most successful empires to ever exist. The reasons for each societies economic success are the organization of their respective governments, their available natural resources but most importantly their inventions and technologies. Today, the United States economy relies heavily on machines and technology to perform the simplest of tasks. Every day appliances such as lights, television, and microwaves are staples of American Society. Our inventions make us who we are as a country; they dictate what we are capable of militarily, economically, and socially. Likewise, in ancient Rome the inventions and advancements made by Roman citizens helped Rome become the super power of its time. However, Rome and the United States would not have been able to be so economically sound and globally successful if they had not produced the inventions and technologies that they did. Rome and the United states both used their inventions to raise the living standard domestically as well as to compete and dominate on a global scale. At the height of Rome's power in the first and second centuries AD, the mighty Roman Empire span across most of western Europe it consisted of some 2.2 million square miles and roughly a fifth of the worlds population claimed citizenship to Rome and many more lived within its borders. Rome's successes in conquering most of Europe
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rome vs us - Nathan Wong The United States of America is...

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