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Geology 101 study guide

Geology 101 study guide - Divergent Boundaries and the...

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Divergent Boundaries and the Origin ofOcean Basins Divergent boundaries – Continental lithosphere is pulled apart or rifted . juan de fuca plate is closest too us. It has cause for concern  for us and earthquakes and tidal waves What drives plate tectonics? Convection Which way are the plates moving relative to each other  at a divergent plate boundary? Away from each other Read Chapter 2 in understanding earth Divergent generally means low spots, pulling something  apart, rifts. Is the east coast of us a what kinda plate boundry? Its not a plate boundry 300 million years ago it was but its not any more  As rifting continues, new oceaniclithosphere is formed on either side of the rift at the spreading center. A process called Seafloor Spreading .
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New oceanic lithosphere is createdwhere partially molten mantle material rises to fill thegap and then cools to form rock. As a rift widens, it may reach an adjacent ocean, whichfloods into the rifted area. An underwater volcanic mountain range known as amid-ocean ridge (MOR) develops at the spreading center. The Mid-AtlanticRidge This process separates continentsthat were once connected together, such as Pangaea. A divergent boundary causes NorthAmerica and Europe to continue to move away from one another along an MORcalled The Mid-Atlantic Ridge . Convergent Plate Boundaries Platesmove towards one another this is important 3types of convergent plate boundaries a)Continental plate/Oceanic plate b)Oceanic plate/Oceanic plate the more dense goes  underneath c)Continental plate/Continental plate they go up and make mountains E a.
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Geology 101 study guide - Divergent Boundaries and the...

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