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412KL-Useful exp for conv

412KL-Useful exp for conv - Useful Expressions for...

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Unformatted text preview: Useful Expressions for Conversation 1. To show your involvement in the conversation, use (feedback) actively while you listen. yes (within sentences) yes (within sentences) (Oh) I see (after sentences) Also give other kinds of feedbacks when you can. For example: That's nice (good). That was good. That is (was) too bad. That is interesting. Use conversation fillers, when you have to pause. 2. 3. Well, let me see... 4. When you do not understand, show clearly how your conversation partner can help you. I'm sorry, but) please say it again (slowly. I'm sorry, but) please say it again (slowly. 5. If you did not understand part of your partner's speech, specify which part you did not understand. I'm sorry, but) what did you say at the end? I'm sorry, but) what did you say at the beginning? 6. If you do not know how to say something in Japanese, ask: "travel" How do you say "travel" in Japanese? ...
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