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Gen ed exam 2

Gen ed exam 2 - stand by and watch a blossoming tree...

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Willie Cramer September 26, 2007 GenEd 110 Bond Alcibiades: Bad Guy The man known as Alcibiades of Athens is an egotistical self-centered brat. He may have been a brilliant general but when it comes down to the matter of being a good person, he was nowhere near other Athenian ruler’s. He was known even as a child to have respect to any one or anything. He grew up a privileged individual due to his naturally good looks and quick-witted tongue; he was protected from ridicule by the strong admiration and affection of Socrates. Alcibiades was egotistical self-centered brat who was neither a good person nor a good Athenian citizen. “However, the fact that Socrates was in love with him strongly suggests that the boy was endowed with a natural aptitude for virture.” (p. 224) Socrates was trying do good by protecting Alcibiades from negative influences. Socrates was trying to make sure that he was preventing Alcibiades from corruption from other people seeking his flattery. Socrates was “set out to protect him against these influences; he could not just
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Unformatted text preview: stand by and watch a blossoming tree wastefully destroy its own fruit.” (p. 224) It is hard to tell if Socrates fully accomplished this because this such a important and respected member of the community supporting the young boy, it gave him almost a free reign on doing or saying what ever he pleased. “Once, when he was scarcely more than a boy, he went up to a teacher and asked for a book of Homer. When the man said that he had nothing of Homer, Alcibiades punched him and walked on by.” (p.227) This example shows how much he lacked respect for any one but Socrates. Naturally he had good intentions for the city. Once a man came to him with his life savings in his hand and asked to accept it but Alcibiades refused, invited the man in for dinner, and then told the man to go down to the public auction and out bid everyone. He even threatened to thrash him if he did not go. This may seem like...
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Gen ed exam 2 - stand by and watch a blossoming tree...

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