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SOCi 1160 Observational Paper

SOCi 1160 Observational Paper - Bryan Kolo SOCI 1160 Mon...

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Bryan Kolo SOCI 1160 Mon., Wed. 5:30-6:45pm Observational Study Georgia State University (GSU) Observations When attempting to summarize the social behavior, in regards to the stereotyping and profiling of African-American males, occurring in the on-campus settings I observed, a definitive conclusion can be reached that the majority of the people I observed associated most closely with people who were most like them. Out of this extremely solid observation, the assumption can be made that my “subjects” related with those most like them because it was with those individuals that they felt the most comfortable. I performed my observational study on campus because I find it interesting that while GSU arguably holds the distinction of being diverse, I had never thought of whether or not that distinction existed as part of groups that were segregated solely out of habit and/or comfort or out of some innate fear. Also, stereotyping is often referred to in a past tense as if it were an old, non-existent trend, while profiling is often referenced as someone in a position of authority antagonizing someone in a lower position than their own. While both theories hold their truths, I wanted to find out if these truths could be seen in a younger, collegiate-aged crowd. Most of the people I watched were probably between the ages of 17 and 25. I observed subjects on a surprisingly warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon in two sections of the courtyard (quad) and in the lounge, as those were most likely the most populated areas on and around campus during the time of day I performed my observations. I not only observed people in groups, but individuals as well,
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attempting to create a balance in my research. My focus in observing the groups was to see not only how the interacted amongst each other, but to see if they stereotyping and/or profiled African-American males amongst them or around them. I began my observations in the courtyard area near General Classroom Building (GCB). The groups that I saw varied in gender and ethnicity, among other qualities, but the majority was groups of no more than five or six people. Immediately, I came across
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SOCi 1160 Observational Paper - Bryan Kolo SOCI 1160 Mon...

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