SOCI 3222 Research Paper

SOCI 3222 Research Paper - The purpose of this paper is to...

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The purpose of this paper is to examine and bring light to the issue of performance- enhancing substance and drug use as a deviant behavior in the world of American professional sports. Professional athletes are often given a “free pass” by society whenever they are exposed for committing deviant acts because of the celebrity status that the vast majority of them hold. Such exemptions from punishment create in these athletes what can be perceived as a strong bravado because they become accustomed to being excused for their deviance. This paper intends to inspect why athletes choose to use drugs, especially those which are performance– enhancing. This is important sociologically because this exposes an act that millions of fans, massive portions of society, feel takes away from the authenticity of the sport a drug using athlete is engaging in. Sport is one of the purest forms of individual and societal enjoyment, and altering performance taints it. However, there those that disagree with such opinions (Savulescu et. al 1). Such activity occurs in practically every sport, including baseball, football, cycling, and fitness sports like gymnastics and track and field (Simon, et. al 2006). Many athletes become addicted to the drugs thy use, which ties into the Conrad Schneider and Erich Goode (2005) concept of “medicalization,” in which the athletes becomes conditioned to the substance or substances they use, creating, in many cases, a dependency. The deviant acts that come as a result of the drug usage, which is in and of itself is a deviant act, also will be touched upon. Why do Athletes Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs? In the multi-million dollar world of professional sports, the idea that an athlete becomes expendable once his productivity decreases significantly. The issue of loyalty to a player who had been in one city his entire career becomes null-in void in many instances. Many times in
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SOCI 3222 Research Paper - The purpose of this paper is to...

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