SPCH 4250 Final Paper- Lucky Strike

SPCH 4250 Final Paper- Lucky Strike - Bryan Kolo SPCH 4250...

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Bryan Kolo SPCH 4250 M, W 3:00pm-4:15pm Final Examination Paper 1. Ronald Reagan on the Challenger Explosion This video segment profiles former President Ronald Reagan “going public” (p. 182) to the American public with the news of the Challenger shuttle explosion, proposing support for and understanding of the tragedy. He capitalizes on Simons’ elements of credibility. Reagan almost immediately utilizes emotional appeals by terming the day as “a day for mourning and remembering.” This works as a very effective introductory form of agenda setting, coaxing the audience to consider feeling a certain way. Exigency is isolated in his speech when he makes note of the fact that magnitude of the explosion has diverted him from his original intention of delivering the “State of the Union” address, giving him a new primary concern, helping the nation cope with its loss. He creates shared meaning by stating that the catastrophe is a “national loss” and that both he and his wife are “pained to the core” by the tragedy. Designating an audience type, Reagan then moves to appealing to adult logic by detailing that the astronauts had “hunger to explore the universe…”, and adding that the American public and the space program has grown used to the idea of space travel, but are “still pioneers.” He then transitions to appealing to the youthful logic of school children, intending to clarify for them that this event is part of the “process of exploration.” Reagan utilizes redundancy and repetition by reinforcing both that the explosion was a loss, as well as that the space program would continue in its process. Reagan represents an “authority” of sorts,
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SPCH 4250 Final Paper- Lucky Strike - Bryan Kolo SPCH 4250...

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