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Poverty Paper - falls victim to. I believe that poverty is...

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Bryan Kolo PERS 2001 Dr. Wolk Initial Paper My View of Poverty Poverty, to me, consists of those who are trapped in an abyss of true, nearly unlivable suffering. Poverty affects people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Poverty can intensely oppress an individual as a state of mind. To be poor is to truly be broken. For one to born into a situation of poverty is the ultimate suffering and pain. To enter life with virtually no substantial chance at a comfortable life can be an ache that cannot be soothed. Moreover, being born into poverty as a result of a lack of motivation or no motivation at all by a child’s parents is an insult to life itself. I see depression as a result of a lost job or lost money as an instigator which may lead someone into poverty. Another reason why one may become poor is a disaster in which their home or business
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Unformatted text preview: falls victim to. I believe that poverty is something that cannot be eradicated because the necessary, wholehearted effort will never be undertaken by enough of society. The fact that most Americans are cultivated in society to have a me first attitude towards many life scenarios can only serve as a hindrance to the cause of eliminating poverty. Steps such as welfare reform and better job security can help to stifle the growth of poverty. Taking those who are not in need off of welfare is a huge step in slowing povertys growth. Improved schooling for those in need could help parents try to locate jobs rather than struggling to be parents and search for jobs all at once. Overall, more public awareness and care could be the start to the possible end of poverty....
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Poverty Paper - falls victim to. I believe that poverty is...

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