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Hybrid Cars - Steve Freese [Type text] 2:00 T/Th Hybrid Car...

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Steve Freese [Type text] 2:00 T/Th Hybrid Car vs. Non-Hybrid Cars There are a lot of new advances and technologies that are hitting the stock market hard. Most of them have a good reason for becoming so popular. Hybrid cars have grown over the last couple of years and have become more popular with the crowds that believe in making our environment healthier. Vehicles are a very essential to the living of people every day, if they didn’t have a vehicle to drive them where they had to go they would most of the time not make it to their destination. The gas prices making people not want to travel as much and want them to save money. A car powered by gasoline has a tank which supplies the car with fuel, the engine will then turn a transmission, in which makes the tires move. (Layton) On all cars there is a warranty that is giving to the consumer by the dealer when the car is purchased which can pay for most of the things that will happen to the car if they weren’t self inflicted damages. A lot of certified car owners will by the car because of their factory-backed warranty. (Bilek) The first automobile was built by a Frenchmen named Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1769. (Bellis) The engine of a automobile can vary in size, therefore it was a wide variety of torque that a motor will put out. There are different kinds of internal combustion engines. Diesel powered and gas powered are the other.(Brain) Hemi engines, rotary engines, and two stroke engines are the examples of engines.(Brain) Even know they aren’t used very often anymore there are still external combustion motors. A steam engine is a good example of external combustion, the fuel for a external combustion engine is coal, wood, oil, etc. (Brain)
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Hybrid Cars - Steve Freese [Type text] 2:00 T/Th Hybrid Car...

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