Notes On "old man and the sea"

Notes On "old man and the sea" - most spelling...

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how many different meanings there are in the english vocab-the rate of new words how they increase of 1000 words a year since 1989, rate of increase new words per year 15-20k how its nearly imposs. to calculate how many words -- 1/4 of the most common words used are (and,be,of,have,it, the, to, will, you) two words have same meaning, but used in diff context -- ( high, tall) 21 yrs ago, updated the dictionary, added 800 names of food some new words include preppy, sunblocker how words sound the same, but are spelled differently (flour, flower)
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Unformatted text preview: most spelling comes from british, and angelo saxon the author built up his ethos and logos by mentioning many historians who created the dictionary, and created the language that we speak today. americans tended to transpose the british -re ending, as we as americans, spell the endings of our words with -er changed in 1806 the language of the paper struck me a more challenging, adult-like peice of literature....
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