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The Word "Gay"

The Word "Gay" - Steve Freese 1 12:30 The...

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Steve Freese 12:30 1 The word “gay” can be used in a few different ways. One way to use this term is to express happiness, or joyfulness. Another way this term is used is to express stupidity, (e.g. “wow, that movie was pretty gay”) In 1980, In Providence, Rhode Island, Aaron Fricke sues his high school to allow him to take a male date to prom, he won. In 1981, U.S. Department of Defense adopts new ban on gays and lesbians, which leads to increased number of discharges. Many homosexuals stayed in military in secret. Again in 1981, AIDS is first reported in the U.S. Center for Disease Control reporting five gay men in Los Angeles with a new illness. Now that is just stupidity, and being careless of others’ feelings, and something “not right” in some peoples minds. In 1988, The Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey, becomes the first church in the country to support ministers and congregations who condone and bless relationships between gay and lesbian couples. This church must have gotten criticized so badly for this, and they probably lost a lot of member of the church as well. In 1993, A Virginia Circuit judge
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