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Unformatted text preview: Chap 4, G 26 Causative forms of Verbs Class 3 made ... do; let ... do Class 1 Verbs in Causative form --> class 2 In causative sentences, N1 must usually be higher in status or age than N2. When talking about having an equal or superior do something for you: Use te-form of the verb + (who cooks? -- I) vs (who cooks? my mother) Te-form of causative form + to ask a superior for his/her permission to do something or to offer to do something for such a person. ... _____ Neg. te-form of causative verbs + asking not to make you do something. ' ' ... Te-form of causative form + verbs of giving and receiving: Asking for and granting permission express the frequency of actions and events, meaning "every..." ...
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