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Midterm 4 - Name Chemistry C3443 Fall 2005 Midterm#4 75...

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Name: ______________________________________ page 1 Chemistry C3443 Fall 2005 Midterm #4 75 minutes December 5, 2005 Instructions: (1) For some questions, you have a choice of which problem(s) to answer. For these, cross out (X) answers you do not want counted. (2) Notice that for each question, we have suggested how much time you spend on that question and indicated how many points it is worth. We suggest that you first go through the entire exam and answer the questions that are easier for you and then go back to the questions that are harder for you. (3) Put your name at the top of each page. (4) Unless indicated otherwise, all structures should be skeletal (line) drawings. The exam contains 11 pages (including this face page). The total number of points is 100. I. 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ II. ____________ III. ____________ IV. ____________ TOTAL: /100
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Name: ______________________________________ page 2 I. Briefly answer the following questions. Choose 3 of the 4. (7.5 minutes, 15 points total) (1) The natural amino acid serine is shown below. Do serine and the other 19 amino acids found in proteins have the R or S configuration?
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