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Unformatted text preview: Chap 4, G27 Constructions Using Interrogatives Asking for specific information or clarification about someone or something that the person you are talking to has mentioned: A B A means B G27.1 X interrogatives interrogative expressions ([ ) What does X mean? What/who/etc. is X? What does mean? A: A: Q: Why are you say you won't go to a dentist. A: Everybody knows "NY," so it is strange to say "the place called New York." A: Q: A: Q: A: B: G27.2 When you have no idea what "komono" is, you can use . Embedded question: a question placed inside another question or a statement. Embedded question Plain form/Dictionary form of predicates + (correction: p.219) Main clause Plain/polite form ' Please tell me which hw was difficult. compare with: (introduced in JPN507) Please tell me whether or not the hw was difficult. Do you know why the teacher makes us do hw? ...
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