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geog 195a - GEOS 218 Geological Disasters and Society...

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GEOS 218: Geological Disasters and Society Spring 2008 H OMEWORK 4 A SSIGNED : M ARCH 27, 2008 D UE : A PRIL 8, 2008 NAME____Noah Traisman_________ Total value is 25 points. Expand the spaces between questions as necessary for your responses, and hand in a paper copy. Learning objectives for this HW : Learn more about atmospheric circulation and climate, and prepare for exam 3. 1. (5 pts). Use a diagram of air circulation to explain why Tucson experiences a monsoon during the summer. 2. (5 pts.) What were the a) Little Ice Age, and b) Medieval Warm Period, and when (years, approximately) did they occur? a) The Little Ice Age was a time span of approximately fifty years between 1250 and 1850 AD when the Earth’s climate was cooler and more hostile than normal. This temperature change was caused by less solar activity and enormous volcanic eruptions which caused the cooling. Thus resulted in glaciers growing and the stunting of tree growth. 1
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b) The Medieval Warm Period was a period where there was warmer climate than usual, particularly in Europe. This time span lasted from 950 to 1100 AD. Relative to the
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