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study question 2 for fem answer

study question 2 for fem answer - Sophie Ludel TA Harben...

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Sophie Ludel TA: Harben Porter Study Question #2 By Observing History, We Can Alter the Future Due to the gender binary idea, which has been created from history, women are treated and often seen as less than or unequal to men. The past depicts that a mass amount of violence and harassment occurred against women. Historically gender roles have created a path for men to dominate women, and as a result, this has become a major issue of today. Thanks to history, society has formed a delusion, giving many people misconceptions as to what constitutes for harassment and violence. The media has also been shaped by history, developing many misogynistic artistic expressions such as some forms of rap music. In consequence of the horrific oppression against women, numerous amounts of females from the past and in this century, feel silenced. Unable to speak up about an experience such as rape, scores of women keep their mouths shut, believing that the experience was their fault. History allows for women as well as men to feel like they should silence themselves when, in reality the only way to make a change is by speaking up and trying to fix the misconstrued view that many women and men have about what constitutes for harassment and violence. Throughout history, women have been inferior to men, as well as the “property” of men. During Thomas Jefferson’s presidency of the United States of America, from 1801 to 1809, he along with many other men did not view women as people, rather they saw women as mans property. Men ruled women since they could only be “one’s wife or one’s daughter” (Miccio, pg. 214), and “by marriage, the husband and wife are one person in the law” (Miccio, pg. 215). As a result women were unable to make many decisions about their own lives, forcing them to be dependent and obedient to men since 1
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they were the household income. In class on November 6 th , 2007, Bettina discussed the legal definition of sexual harassment, which she stated as “any unwanted pressure for sexual activity.” The majority of sexual harassment cases are men harassing women. History has influenced most men to feel genetically empowered, “the alpha dog,” which results in men acting tough and feeling as though they are sexually able to choose whomever they please. Sometimes men think that a “no” coming from a woman is her flirtatious way of saying yes. This can result in the man pursuing his intentions even stronger, resulting in sexual harassment. On page 204 of the article Sexual Harassment , by Ellen Bravo, she states, “ the fact that most harassers are male has nothing to do with biology, but rather with socialization that celebrates sexual conquest, perpetuates a sexual double standard, and confuses toughness with aggression.” Since history has created a gender binary that in the past, has forced women to be dependent on men. This results in the hierarchy that has been created, men possessing power over women, which causes and still makes men feel and act as though they are superior.
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study question 2 for fem answer - Sophie Ludel TA Harben...

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